I love the Simpsons and I didn’t know this existed!


Muse albums videography

 Hullabaloo: Dead Star; In your World

Out Of This World: The Story Of MUSE, Mark Beaumont. (via ruledbymadness)
Even at the age of four, when his uncle was shot dead in Belfast, Matt was astute enough to distrust what he was being told by the media about his family’s tragedy. The newspapers said he’d died in an IRA ambush but Matt took care to note that no one was ever arrested and IRA involvement was never properly established. The impact on the boy grew more profound as he got older; by the time he was 10 he was asking questions about it but nobody knew any answers — for the rest of his life he would distrust society and its organisations, forever questioning the validity of what the newspapers were telling him.
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lololol at Matt

There should be an award named after him for Most Unlikely Rockstar Personality

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Three things: Dom’s hair, these glasses, and chris. Just it.

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The 2nd Law instrumental - Unsustainable

I love how this song is all peaceful and then it’s like BAM!


Here are the contents of the boxset. The hardcover book for the CD and DVD is beautiful. I tried to take decent photos of each page, and the liquid crystal thermal reactive lid is a bitch to take a photo of, it’s pretty cold here so the print disappears too quickly. But it’s fun to play with! And of course the 3 prints are nice. I hardly want to touch them though in case of fingerprints!

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The fourth one.

I hate you both.

Favorite Muse era/ Muse album: Absolution

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