How did Justin Furstenfeld get married and have a a baby again without me knowing, where have a been this past year? 

  Also new album due in a few months!

   What the HELL! how did I not know any of this?

I’ve just got overloaded with information and excitement and happiness. 

P.S Sayde is so cute, and he seems so happy, Sarah seems lovely. Oh my god. I’m was still sad over the events around Any Man in America, but he’s happy now! Awwwww, yay!   

I need support, not a slap in the face!

Blue October (via highasfuck23)
I want to learn to walk with others as an equal. I want to treat the ones who love me with respect. I want to tell the world I’ll give them all a piggy back and try to take away my negative effect.
Blue October - Graceful Dancing (via np-jpg)
Describe the pain
That choked your reality
It’s all in your mind he said
You have to keep graceful dancing.


Well I thought of just your face.. Relaxed and floated into space.

[Blue October.]

Blue October ~ Tomorrow (via fangirlamy)
To kill a young man’s point of view is to kill his only friend.


Justin Furstenfeld with the one he loves the most, his daughter.


Blue October- The Worry List

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 Justin Furstenfeld, Blue October

Paramount Theater, Asbury Park NJ, 04/06/12

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